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Season 1

Young the Giant – My Body
(scene description: Scott in his room gets visit from mom and then he works out)

Dan Deacon – Of the Mountain
(scene description: Scott’s bite mark)

Static Jacks – Fire On The Bridge and In The Tunnel Below
(scene description: Fresh school day, students walking around, Scott encounters Jackson)

Phantogram – Turn It Off
(scene description: Scott ogles Allison in the hallway, Friends talk to each separately)

Weezer – (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
(scene description: Scott is assigned to be goalie)

Teddybears – Cobrastyle
(scene description: Scott faces off against team and successfully defends the goal)

James Vincent McMorrow – And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop
(scene description: Scott and Allison at the vet fixing up the dog and being flirty / Scott in bed)

Kids of 88 – Just a Little Bit
(scene description: Scott kicks ass at lacrosse and surprises everyone)

Mike Del Rio – Feel Good
(scene description: Coach and crowd applaud Scott, Stiles mystified)

Glowfriends – Today Could Be The Day
(scene description: Scott gets out of shower and talks to his mom / Derek waits outside their house)

The Limousines – Internet Killed The Video Star
(scene description: Scott and Allison arrive at the party)

Deadmau5 – Ghosts N Stuff
(scene description: Scott and Allison dance, Scott’s wolf senses engage)

The Sea of Cortez – The Shore
(scene description: Derek tells Scott he is a werewolf / Stiles picks Scott up by the roadside)


Season 2

Graffiti 6 – Annie You Save Me
(scene description: Scott in a daze in locker room, talks to Stiles/on field)

Shout Out Out Out Out – Chicken Soup for the F*** You
(scene description: Lacrosse practice)

LexiconDon – Sleep 2 Dream
(scene description: Scott talks to Mom)

John Gold – Honeymade
(scene description: iChat with Stiles)

Man Is Doomed – Disco Angel
(scene description: Scott gets texts from Mom)

The Ruse – Apache
(scene description: Scott on his bike)

Hanni El Khatib – You Rascal You
(scene description: Scott and Stiles talk in Scott’s bedroom)

One For The Team – Best Supporting Actor
(scene description: Stiles and Scott in jeep)

We Are Wolves – Little Birds
(scene description: Stiles calls his dad in jeep)

Ohbijou – Wildfires
(scene description: Scott watches Allison through window)

The Cinematic Orchestra – Familiar Ground
(scene description: Scott gets hit by Allison’s dad)

Overseer – Horndog
(scene description: Players take the field for lacrosse game)

Deadmau5 – Right This Second
(scene description: Lacrosse game)

The Antlers – Tongue Tied
(scene description: Lacrosse game)

My Chemical Romance – Na Na Na (radio edit)
(scene description: Scott gets wolfy during lacrosse game)

Wavves – Take On The World
(scene description: Scott wins game)

Graffiti 6 – Calm The Storm
(scene description: Allison kisses Scott)


Season 3

Passion Pit – Tonight Tonight
(scene description: Scott and Allison make out on bus)

Miniature Tigers – Bullfighter Jacket
(scene description: Scott is relieved Allison is safe)

Research Material – The Sun
(scene description: Scott and Stiles in cafeteria)

The Vaccines – Wreckin’ Bar
(scene description: Scott decides to go bowling)

Au Revoir Simone – Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)
(scene description: Allison picks through outfits with Lydia)

Tokyo Police Club – Wait Up (Boots of Danger)
(scene description: A fun night of bowling)

Art Vs Science – Take A Look At Your Face
(scene description: Derek arrives at gas station)

Oberhofer – o0O0o0O0o
(scene description: Allison gives Scott sage bowling advice)

Graffiti 6 – Stone In My Heart
(scene description: Scott bowls strikes)

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed
(scene description: Allison and Scott kiss)

Paper Route – You Kill Me
(scene description: Scott confronts Derek)

My Chemical Romance – Destroya
(scene description: Scott and Derek fight)


Season 4

Lucy Schwartz – My Darling
(scene description: Kate driving in her car)

The Wildbirds – Shake Shake
(scene description: Allison greets Kate)

Research Material – I’ll Be True to You
(scene description: Stiles and Scott talk in classroom)

Neon Hitch – Poisoned With Love
(scene description: Scott and Allison make out)

The Constellations – Setback (Kickdrum Remix)
(scene description: Derek doesn’t want Stiles to take him home)

1, 2, 3 – Scared But Not That Scared
(scene description: Scott checks out Allison’s hobbies)

Miniature Tigers – The Wolf
(scene description: Allison saves Scott from interrogation)

Dan Deacon – Of The Mountains
(scene description: Allison finds glass)


Season 5

MNDR – Jump In
(scene description: Jackson & Lydia pull up to store/Lydia snaps pictures of herself in car)

Two Door Cinema Club – Do You Want It All (Instrumental)
(scene description: Kate & Allison at Argent Home / Scott & Allison in school hallway)

Thao & Mirah – Halleljuah
(scene description: Scott & Allison in school hallway)

Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk
(scene description: Stiles & Danny in chemistry class / Scott & Allison in school parking lot, her car)

Val Emmich – Change of Scenery (instrumental)
(scene description: Stiles calls Scott from school)

Phantogram – Mouthful of Diamonds
(scene description: Scott & Allison in the woods)

Falulah – I Lay My Head
(scene description: Stiles & Lydia in her room)

Little Red – I Can’t Wait
(scene description: Scott & Allison in the woods)

Wolfgang Gartner – Illamerica
(scene description: Derek working out inside Hale House)

Young Empires – White Doves
(scene description: Stiles and dad in his room talking about the parent teacher conference)

Oh Land – White Nights
(scene description: Scott & Allison in the woods)

Graffiti 6 – This Man
(scene description: Scott & Allison in the car parked in the woods)


Season 6

Oh Land – Son of a Gun
(scene description: Scott takes garbage to parking garage)

Lykke Li – Get Some
(scene description: Scott and Allison make out)

1, 2, 3 – Work
(scene description: Scott telling himself to stay away from Allison)

Val Emmich – Resume
(scene description: Scott follows Stiles out of class)

Diamond Rings – You & Me
(scene description: Scott leaves cafeteria, avoids Allison)

Life in Film – Get Closer
(scene description: Scott and Stiles test the heart monitor on the Lacrosse field)

Apple Horse – Filthy Halls
(scene description: Scott and Stiles in locker room)

Zoe Keating – Zinc (Zoe Keating Remix)
(scene description: Jackson and Allison talk on floor in hallway)

Val Emmich – Don’t Wanna Go Home
(scene description: Allison sits by Scott in Economics class)

Our Broken Garden – Share
(scene description: Scott’s heart rate returns to normal)

Jake Troth – Alexandra
(scene description: Scott tells Stiles he loves Allison in the hallway)

Plan B – Stay Too Long
(scene description: Scott gets beat up by seniors)

The Daylights – Black Dove
(scene description: Derek leaves hospital)

Low Action – Everything Will Float Just Out of Range
(scene description: Scott and Stiles in detention)


Season 7

Early Winters – Turn Around


Season 8

Apple Horse – Devil’s Land
(scene description: Scott and Stiles walk into woods to drink)

LexiconDon – December Sunset
(scene description: Scott and Stiles talk about girls while getting drunk)

Lost in Kostko – Dexter
(scene description: Scott’s Wakeup)

Yacht – Shangri-La
(scene description: Allison is dropped off at school)

Sea of Cortez – Telephonic
(scene description: Sheriff Stilinski talks to Stiles at school / Allison in class)

Olafur Arnalds – Thu Ert Jordin
(scene description: Stiles comforts Scott)

Our Broken Garden – Garden Grow
(scene description: Allison and Jackson eat lunch)

Our Broken Garden – The Dark Red Roses
(scene description: Scott bangs his head against wall in frustration)

Invisible Teeth – Everything I Want
(scene description: Scott is made a co-captain of the lacrosse team)

Ida Maria – Bad Karma
(scene description: Lydia and Scott makeout in Coach’s office / Stiles and Scott on lacrosse field)

Wolfgang Gartner – Hook Shot
(scene description: Scott smashes his lacrosse teammates)

William Fitzsimmons – Psychastenia
(scene description: Allison in sports store)

Noisia – Machine Gun (16 Bit Remix)
(scene description: Werewolf Scott finds Jackson and Allison / Derek tackles Scott and fights him in forest)


Season 9

The Cooper Temple Clause – Homo Sapiens
(scene description: Derek on the run)

Make the Girl Dance – Wall of Death
(scene description: Scott and Stiles in Derek’s car)

White Sea – Overdrawn
(scene description: Scott and Stiles talk in HS hallway)

Imaad Wasif – Redeemer
(scene description: Jackson confronts Scott at his locker)

Phantogram – You Are the Ocean
(scene description: Scott tells Stiles Jackson knows)

William Fitzsimmons – I Don’t Feel It Anymore
(scene description: Scott and Allison talk in hallway)

Lucy Schwartz – I Want the Sky
(scene description: Jackson and Allison talk in pool)

Frightened Rabbit – The Loneliness and the Scream
(scene description: Lydia confronts Jackson about break up text / Stiles enters room)

Harry’s Gym – Next Time
(scene description: Scott in Allison’s Room)

White Lies – Bigger Than Us
(scene description: Allison running in woods)


Season 10

Foxy Shazam – Unstoppable

Dan Deacon – Wall Of Death

Those Dancing Days – Help Me Close My Eyes

New Medicine – The Takeover

Generica – Can Of TNT

Alexi Murdoch – Towards The Sun

John Pfiffner – Miami Investigation

Jamaica – Short And Entertaining

Alexi Murdoch – Through The Dark

Methods Of Mayhem – Fight Song

Dead Man’s Bones – Lose Your Soul

Mikky Ekko – Who Are You, Really


Season 11

Our Broken Garden – Night Song
(scene: Scott and Stiles in Scott’s room)

Hotstreets – Aim To Lose
(scene: Scott talks to coach in locker room)

Parade Of Lights – Starstruck
(scene: Lydia and Allison shopping)

You Love Her Cuz She’s Dead – Chrome Disco
(scene: Allison talks to Peter at Macy’s)

Drug Cabin – One I Love
(scene: Scotts mom helps him get ready for dance)

Art Vs Science – Sledgehammer
(scene: People arriving to dance)

The Chain Gang of 1974 – Taste of Heaven
(scene: Stiles and Lydia arrive at dance)

Kids of 88 – Just a Little Bit
(scene: Beginning of dance)

Kids of 88 – Universe
(scene: Scott dances with Danny)

She Wants Revenge – Not Just A Girl
(scene: Stiles and Lydia dancing)

Digital Daggers – Human Emotion
(scene: Allison and Scott dancing)

Kids of 88 – Ribbons of Light
(scene: Allison and Scott dancing/Jackson and Argent in parking lot)

Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon
(scene: Scott and Allison sneak away from the dance)


Season 12

Niki & The Dove – DJ Ease My Mind
(scene: Scott sits in corner of vet’s office refelecting / Allison and Kate drive)

Dan Deacon – Of the Mountains
(scene: Derek breaks free of chains, says he will help Scott)

Last Days of April – If (Don’t Ever Blame Yourself)
(scene: Allison kisses Scott)

White Sea – Overdrawn

Low Action – Everything Will Float Just Out Of Range

Apple Horse – Filthy Halls

Dead Man’s Bone’s – Lose Your Soul


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