World Cup Fever!

Fifa World Cup 2010

football mania sweeps entire regions!

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Mana UncoverReality.Com?

Sobss..sobss..  kenapa UncoverReality.Com dah tak boleh access?

dah kena block ke? atau kena delete terus?

bosanlah macam nii :sad:

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“She’s got a voice that sounds like something from the past, but you can’t put your finger on it,” says Jack Johnson of Zee Avi, the Malaysian YouTube discovery he signed to his label.

The singer-songwriter flew in from Kuala Lumpur to work with Johnson’s band at its solar-powered studio in L.A. The album has a brunch-friendly acoustic swing vibe: “Just You and Me” features Avi on ukulele, “First of the Gang to Die” is a chilled-out Morrissey cover, and on “Kantoi,”, a song delivered in “Manglish”, an informal hybrid of Malay and English that is essentially Avi’s native tongue. In the song, as in real-life, words slip easily between English and Malay, even within the same sentence. It’s amusing to hear Jack Johnson-esque ukulele-strumming augmented by full lines like “my phone was on silent / I was at the gym” followed by a flurry of Malay.

“Kantoi” as most Malaysians know, is a term used when you catch someone in the act of something not-so-good (or simply, “busted!”).

Semalam I call You, You tak answer
You kata You keluar pergi dinner
You kata You keluar dengan kawan You
but when I called Tommy he said it wasn’t true

So i drove my car pergi Damansara
Tommy kate maybe You tengok bola
tapi bila I sampai…u, u tak ada
Lagi la I jadi gila

So I called then called sampai You answer
You kata sori sayang tadi tak dengar
My phone was on silent, I was at the gym
Tapi latar belakang suara perempuan lain

Sudahlah sayang, I dont believe You
I’ve always known that your words were never true
Why I’m with You?
I pun tak tahu
No wonder la my friend pun tak suka You

So I guess thats the end of our story
Akhir kata she accpeted his apology
Tapi last-last kita dapat tahu she was cheating too
With her ex-boyfriend’s best friend – Tommy