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DVDVideoSoft : 41 in 1



Ada yang pernah guna software DVDVideoSoft ni? kalau yang dah guna,mesti korang tau kehebatan software ni.

pada yang belum pernah cuba, anda pasti tinggalkan pasangan kekasih anda untuk software ni(takde kena mengena)


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Mengapa Anda Tak Patut Bagi Mak Anda Kenal YouTube

Mengapa anda tak patut bagi mak anda kenal YouTube profile image

Memperkenalkan, “Mak YouTube”.

Inilah sebabnya mengapa anda tak patut ajar mak anda bagaimana nak guna YouTube.



Versi 2 Dan Versi 3

Akhirnya Mohd Khairuddin muncul!

Dan nak tahu apa yang Mohd Khairuddin reply?

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YouTube Five Years!

“Five years ago, after months of late nights, testing and preparation, YouTube’s founders launched the first beta version of YouTube.com in May, with a simple mission: give anyone a place to easily upload their videos and share them with the world. Whether you were an aspiring filmmaker, a politician, a proud parent, or someone who just wanted to connect with something bigger, YouTube became the place where you could broadcast yourself.”

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Youtube : New Page Layout


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